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Professional Services

Professional IT services help businesses overcome specific challenges through a dedicated project, such as a cloud migration or the deployment of new hardware. This is a one-off project, but is often a comprehensive one—the scope can extend from planning and strategy through to design, implementation, adoption, training and can even involve future ongoing support. At Worksighted we offer professional services for business that need immediate help for a specific pain point or problem, including planning strategically for your future growth.

Companies or firms can also provide professional services to customers. For example, a marketing agency might provide services to help a business expand its brand awareness or engagement. Both individual and company-provided professional services may charge billable hours or fixed rates.


DevOps has been around since the days of the first server, but up until a few years ago DevOps was just a part of Systems Administration or Infrastructure Management. The change happened when companies started realizing that they needed better ways of managing software updates and releases for their web-based services.

Enterprise Architecture

CloudResources has a recognized track record in providing end-to-end Enterprise Architecture services.With consulting and technical proficiency necessary to provide best-of- breed services our committed team promotes the use of various Enterprise Architecture (EA) methodologies and tools. We also have a large pool of easily-adjustable, internally-certified Enterprise Architects across various verticals.


Organizations, like people, only share with those they "Trust". For organizations to trust each other, they need assurances the access provided to systems is tightly managed and monitored. With decades of cyber and intelligence expertise, CloudResources offers unmatched end-to-end cyber and information sharing capabilities that help you secure your space and confidently navigate the cyber domain.

Enterprise Cloud Services & Solutions

Now more than ever, cloud solutions and services are enabling Enterprises by accelerating innovation, delivering business agility and reducing costs. Top that with CloudResources’s experience in building hybrid cloud management environments, and you are well on your way to cloud-empowered enterprise transformation.

Application Development & Management

From requirement analysis to deployment and rollout, we offer accessible end-to-end application development and management solutions.Our advanced and established service delivery framework measures our processes to enable us to provide predictable, low-risk, high-quality development and maintenance services.

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